A360 Global, The First Portuguese Purchasing & Procurement Platform for Aerospace, Space, Defence and Security.
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Who are We?

A360 Global is the Portuguese trade organization focus on the aerospace, space, defence and security sectors. Our central purchasing office specializes in the aerospace, space, defence and security sectors.

- are and we work with aeronautic professionals providing a guarantee of OTD, OQD, and OSD (On Time Delivery, On Quality Delivery, and On Safety Delivery);
- provide an interface between manufacturers (OEM), approved maintenance centers (MRO) and aeronautic professional’s experts;
- select manufacturers whose products respond to the expectations of aeronautic professionals. Manufacturers are not always aware of the regulatory obligations that are specific to the aeronautic sector;
- assist our suppliers by instilling in them the relevant aircraft, unmanned systems and services knowledge and related regulations;
- ensure the products' qualification that is essential for any application;
- provide expert support on every aspect of modern supply chains.


More than just a distributor, your partner!

At A360 Global, we…

- recognize that the CUSTOMER is #1. At A360 Global;
- we will solve our customers' problems quickly, fairly, and efficiently, on the customer's FIRST call;
- we will work together as a team to reach our goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

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